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Welcome to my website. I am a jewelry artist and former potter.

 All of the jewelry shown on these pages is my   own original work. You will find jazzy silver and    gold jewelry, distinctive porcelain jewelry, and
    a dazzling collection of earrings incorporating      genuine Swarovski crystal.

      I have named my current work, Jewels for the       Journey - the journey being that which we are        all on called LIFE.

      When the going gets tough, accessorize!

    Seriously, to adorn oneself is to celebrate and   uplift the spirit, to brighten the face and start out  fresh. I offer the work of my hands to this mission:
To accentuate each one's inherent beauty, goodness and enthusiasm for life.

When you wear beautiful art/jewelry, you complete the creative process. You are a vital part of what I only begin to create.

Enjoy the journey and the jewels...

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